Mommy Made From Scratch

Sunday, July 24, 2011


    Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog! I have thought about doing something like this for a while now and am finally doing it.
    I've always had an interest in baking but not cooking. Unfortunately cooking is kind of essential to sustaining my life as well as the lives of my family of four and baking really isn't...although that could be debatable. Usually when I cook, it's with the help of Chef Boyardee or some other cheesy box of pasta, can or frozen meal. I haven't been taught too much along the lines of cooking but have picked up a few tips here and there. This blog is my attempt at learning to cook with little to no help of pre-packaged foods. I invite you to venture along with me in my happy, and sometimes sad, attempts at the wonderful world of cooking from scratch!


  1. good luck! I'll be your first follower and encourage you...I hate to cook, I think because I had the mess that comes with it!

  2. I'm not sure why I don't like cooking. Maybe because it's a necessity and the rebel side of me says, "Don't do it! Stick it to the man!" I don't know. Thanks for being my first follower! We all need followers.