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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog Hiatus

After the successful 12 Days of Christmas Treats followed by the Christmas holiday I am spent! There are some changes that I would like to make with the blog that require some looking into as well as the fact that I need to spend some non-blog related quality time with my kids. So for those reasons, I will be taking a 2 1/2 week hiatus from posting any new recipes on this blog. I hope this will allow me some time to make some improvements on the blog and give my kids some mommy and me time that they so desperately need.

Feel free to check out all the delicious recipes on the Recipes tab at the top of this page to get your MMFS fix in the meantime. I may check-in a few times to say hi on facebook or twitter but won't be posting anything new until January.

Thanks to all who participated in the 12 Days of Christmas Treats, both guest bloggers and fans alike! It was well worth all the tired moments. Also, a big thanks to those that have voted for my blog over at Picket Fence Blogs and Top Mommy Blogs. If you would like to vote for my blog at either one of these places, click the buttons over on the right sidebar to vote. I really appreciate the votes. They help me to share my blog with other potential readers.

I wish you all a great and blessed new year! I'll be posting again beginning January 6th. See you next year!

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